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Yagoona Lions have a longer and more intriguing history than many might imagine. Despite the adversity of a small population base and relative isolation, the seeds of the current football club was sown as far back as 1956 with the formation of Yagoona Districts Soccer Club by Doc Tindall, Jock Smith, Caseldines the McAllister family and local Scottish Migrants. It was in these early phases that saw the club adopt the colours of Glasgow Rangers which also featured the 'Lion' - a distinct symbol Yagoona still holds today.

Yagoona participated in the Bankstown local leagues from 1956 and grew in size notably before expanding itself to the NSW Inter Urban 3rd Division (State League) in 1966. The clubs first success was achieved in 1969 when Yagoona was crowned champions of the NSW Suburban 3rd Division and was rewarded promotion to the second division the following year (1970). It was also the first time in the clubs history that its junior team saw success on a state level, with the U16s claiming the clubs first NSW Champions of Champion title - which would be one of five. It wasn't long before the club repeated its success and was promoted to first division after claiming top spot honours in the second division in 1972. By now the club was quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in NSW and players from across the state were coming to play for the iconic Blue and White of Yagoona. The club also was supported by the Wilson and Smith families in the 60s and 70s who  played a pivotal role in the growth and development of football in Yagoona. 

The next four years would see the club participate in the NSW Suburban First Division before a league overhaul that saw the Suburban Leagues merge with the Professional State Leagues. It was during this period (1975), the club had grown sizeably leading to a split and formation of the club we know today, albeit under a different moniker – Yagoona Macedonia Soccer Club. Yagoona Macedonia was formed as a focal point for the newly immigrated Macedonian community to gather and socialise, and to provide the then Australian-Macedonian youth with the opportunity to learn and play this ‘world game’ that was so popular back in their homeland of Macedonia.


Whilst Yagoona Macedonia continued to operate parallel to the Yagoona Soccer Club. the original club continued to press ahead in the State League competitions. In 1977, the club was seeded and placed in the NSW State League Division 3 and as the revamped competitions continued to evolve the club was eventually promoted into the NSW Division 2 in 1979 and 1980.

The next three seasons (1981 - 1983) saw the club withdraw from State League competitions and focus on rebuilding the club and brand on a local level. A strong focus on junior pathways had the club participate in the Bankstown local leagues and the club grew sizably with strong growth across its junior teams. 

Yagoona returned back to the State League scene in 1984 which saw the NSW Suburban concept return. However it was now under the name 'Macedonia Yagoona' following the club being absorbed by the Macedonian migrants that was established a decade earlier. The club finished second and earned promotion to the NSW Inter Urban Fourth Division in 1985. The new two years (1985 and 1986) had the club finish mid table as the club continued to transition from Yagoona Soccer Club to Macedonia Yagoona. 

In 1987, the club was promoted to the New South Wales Inter Urban 3rd Division following an application from the committee which proved successful as the club went on to claim league honours and were crowned Champions. In 1988, the club had made the decision to return to its roots and participate in the Bankstown District Amateur Football Association and changed its name back to its recognisable Yagoona (Lions) Soccer Club. The State League contingent of players and supporters broke away and formed 'Sydney Macedonia'  which would later become a successful heavyweight in NSW with League and National honours.

With Yagoona back at its home (Bankstown Local League) the buzz around Bankstown was huge with participation growing to new heights which was a testament to the hard work of the committee and coaching staff. The focus was now youth and building the future of tomorrow, which would later pay dividends in the 2000's. In 1993, Yagoona would claim its second NSW Champions of Champions title, with U12 led by Blagoja Kulevski steering the club to state honours, and it wasn't long before the club claimed its next NSW Champions of Champions title, with U11's led by George Jackson making it three in 1999.

The 90's were a challenging period for the senior team as it continued to rebuild following the separation from Sydney Macedonia and they were rewarded for their hard work after securing promotion in 2000 when they claimed the prestigious Premiership of Alliance League. This began a long period of success for the club based almost entirely on homegrown talent, a policy which has been fostered by the club to the present day. It wasn’t until 2006 that Yagoona Lions celebrated its highest achievement claiming a season treble, winning the Premier League Minor Premiership, Grand Final Premiership and NSW Champion of Champions.

The Lions began to build a formidable outfit which saw further success in 2008 and saw Yagoona claim the NSW State Cup and Minor Premiership. The following year (2009) Yagoona replicated its double success claiming the Minor Premiership and NSW Champions of Champions for the fifth time in the clubs rich history.


In 2010 under coach Sash Talevski, the club had mixed fortunes, winning the 2010 Minor Premiership and Grand Final, however fell short of claiming back to back NSW Champion of Champions by losing in the final and were crowned runners up. 2010 also saw major improvements being carried out to O’Neill Park, including the long awaited construction of improved lighting worthy of night fixtures.


As in 2010, the Club repeated history claiming the Minor Premiership and Grand Final for its second consecutive year in 2011. The following year saw the club continue its expansion with the introduction of the Women's program and Mens Premier League 2 squad. 

2013 and 2016 respectively saw the club just miss out on minor premiership honours after finishing the season in second.  However, they did finish 2015 on a high claiming the Bankstown Premier League Minor Premiership. Unfortunately in 2019, the club was relegated to the second division following almost two decades in top flight football, however the club was quick to bounce back with First Grade and Reserve Grade claiming minor premiership honours and have the club return back to the Premier League.


The past 65 years has seen many changes with both success and disappointment, but all involved with the club are positive the local spirit and pride will herald continued success well into the future.


1969 - Champions - NSW Suburban 3rd Division

1969 - Champions - NSW Champions of Champions (u16s)


1972 - Champions - NSW Suburban 2rd Division


1987 - Champions - NSW Suburban 3rd Division


1993 - Champions - NSW Champions of Champions (u12s)

1999 - Champions - NSW Champions of Champions (u11s)


2000 - Champions - Bankstown Alliance League

2006 - Minor Premiers - Bankstown Premier League


2006 - Champions - Bankstown Premier League


2006 - Champions - NSW Champions of Champions (Mens)


2008 - Minor Premiers - Bankstown Premier League


2008 - Champions - NSW State Cup


2009 - Minor Premiers - Bankstown Premier League


2009 - Champions - NSW Champions of Champions (Mens)


2010 - Minor Premiers - Bankstown Premier League


2010 - Champions - Bankstown Premier League


2011 - Minor Premiers - Bankstown Premier League


2011 - Champions - Bankstown Premier League


2015 - Minor Premiers - Bankstown Premier League 

2016 - Minor Premier - Bankstown Premier League


2020 - Minor Premiers - Bankstown Premier League 2

2023 - Minor Premier - Bankstown Premier League 

1957 - Keith Sullivan (bottom left), John Hill (bottom middle) and Stephen Hill (next)
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Yagoona 90s.jpg
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2010 - Yagoona.jpg
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